The team has collectively participated in more than 75 cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and many of our team began their careers working at the Supreme Court of Canada as law clerks: Mark Power (Justice Bastarache), Jennifer Klinck (Justice Rothstein), Perri Ravon (Justice Deschamps), Ryan Beaton (Chief Justice McLachlin), Darius Bossé (Justice Côté), Robert W. Grant (Justice McIntyre), François Larocque (Justice Arbour), Caroline Magnan (Justice Bastarache), Joshua Sealy-Harrington (Justice Gascon), Maxime Chambers-Dumont (Justice Abella) and Mélisande Charbonneau-Gravel (Justice Martin).

Whether you are a party or an intervenor, or whether you require assistance applying for leave to appeal or have already been granted leave to appeal, we offer services tailored to your needs, at extremely competitive prices. Our team will also gladly advise you on the arguments most likely to succeed, and draft or edit your documents, affidavits, and facta.


With an office in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Power Law is perfectly situated to serve as your agents before the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as the vast number of Ottawa-based federal tribunals, boards, and commissions.

You can have peace of mind by trusting Caroline Etter, our Executive Director and Professional Partner, who has over 15 years of experience handling more than 150 agency files at the Supreme Court of Canada.

We will be happy to act as your agent at the Supreme Court of Canada (required by the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada) and to handle the administrative and procedural aspects of your case, including the preparation, filing, and service of all required materials.

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