Power Law is on the leading edge of developments in education law. We represent a number of institutional clients in this field, in all provinces and territories, providing strategic and legal advice on a wide variety of matters.

Our team’s unrivaled experience means we are well-positioned to meet the varied legal needs of school boards, school districts, and education associations, including specialised institutions such as minority language and religious educational institutions.

We have significant experience representing clients in the pre-school, “K-12”, and post-secondary education sectors, regularly advising institutions on legislation, regulations, policies, and directives, including with regards to policies, responsibilities of trustees and other administrators, labour and employment, operational and capital funding, and the provision of educational services by specialised schools and institutions. We regularly provide advice with respect to municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations, including obligations under freedom of information and privacy legislation, human rights legislation, and the Constitution.

We possess in-depth knowledge and experience related to the freedoms of expression and religion, and the constitutional right to Catholic education that exists in certain jurisdictions.

Power Law’s education law experience across Canada allows clients to benefit from a comparative perspective. Power Law proposes best practices learned from other jurisdictions.

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